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Virgil Silhanek K7VZ

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I'm running for Arizona Section Manager because I believe I can bring an energetic, can-do attitude to the role. I grew up and attended college in central Iowa before my wife Marcia and I moved to Arizona in 2002. Many of our weekends are spent 4 wheeling and camping with our 5 year old, Evan, enjoying the variety of landscapes the southwest has to offer. I am one of the founding members of 4x4 Ham which led me to get involved with Field Day, portable HF operations, APRS, public service, and the Arizona Repeater Association, where I’ve been president for the last 3 years.

The number of FCC licensed amateurs continues to grow each year and we need to provide a welcome place for them to operate and learn. Arizona clubs need positive support and backing from the ARRL, without putting unrealistic demands on what they are able to do. I believe that each club should have the freedom to operate as they wish. I oppose any effort to divide Arizona into multiple sections as we should be one section that is united and works together for a common goal.

I’d like to see us work to develop extracurricular activities connected with schools, maker groups, and boy/girl scouts that will help bring youth into our ranks and get them interested in the hobby. Growth is important, but we also need to focus on what got us here such as existing DX groups, hamfests, repeater organizations, and all of the various special interest groups in the state. Emergency communication and public service remain important, and we need someone who will support and strengthen the relationship between amateur operators and government agencies. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you as the next ARRL Arizona Section Manager.

Voting deadline: February 17, 2017 - The ARRL will begin mailing ballots to Arizona members on January 2, 2017. Please vote and mail the ballot as soon as possible. The ARRL must have it in their posession by February 17, 2017.

Information on ARRL Section Manager responsibilities:

If you'd like to contact me, please call 623-850-1441 or email

A personal endorsement from Steve W6SDM:

If you're an ARRL member, you will be receiving a ballot for Arizona Section Manager very shortly. If you're like me, you look at these things without having a clue as to who the candidates are. I usually just pick one at random and hope that I made the right choice. That's not very reassuring when you consider the importance of the Section Manager position.

I would like to offer my personal endorsement for one of the three candidates, Virgil Silhanek, K7VZ. I have known Virgil for years having originally met him through, which he co-founded. We have been on several off road trips together and worked Field Days on the Mogollon Rim several times since 2010. He has been involved with Arizona's premier repeater group, the Arizona Repeater Association. He's also involved with the Maricopa County Emergency Communications Group and is a Volunteer Examiner for both ARRL and Laurel VE. As you can see, this is not a guy who believes in sitting around and who's also very involved in promoting our hobby.

Over the years, I have asked Virgil for help with various projects. Most recently I asked for help finding a certified tower climber to help with our CAC repeater project. I received a call from a climber within the hour. I don't think I have ever sent an e-mail to Virgil that wasn't answered within a short period of time.

I don't know the other guys who are running, but I do know Virgil and I know that he would be an active Section Manager for Arizona. That's exactly what we need.

73, Steve

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